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What are we doing and why?

We combine the pleasant with the useful, beautiful with a clever, creative with eco-friendly! We create furniture,
decoration and toy of ... yes, made of cardboard! Why cardboard? It's simple: he
stylish, durable, high-quality, easy to transport and assemble. Cardboard chair easily support your body weight, regiment - the weight of knowledge, and toys - irrepressible energy of your kids.

No less important is the fact that the cardboard is 100% eco-friendly material. It is easily processed and recycled. That is why it is so fond of the modern world. We do not lag behind these trends and we are!
Keeping pace with the times, we want you to join this remarkable fashion - fashion to surround themselves with beautiful things and at the same time to save the planet:)

In the end, the board - it sparingly. And funny! For any product, be it a table, shelf or
toy elephant , you can paint as your heart desires. In general, there will be no one indifferent -
neither you nor your kids!

What is cool cardboard?

Environmentally friendly

it consists of recycled paper


It saves you a lot of money on cookies


a great way to cause envy among friends

Lightweight and durable

despite the ease withstand a lot of weight
How do we do it?

We love our work and we do everything to make you received the product, which will marvel, and we are proud of. Therefore, all products are subject to no small way from a simple cardboard to the final result.

First, we look for the conceptual direction. Then we make a sketch of the layout and product-thumbnail. Check its strength and ease of assembly. And only then will we create a full-size product.